Management Office

Project Management Office

What is the PMO?

Project Management Office, often described as „PMO“, is a company’s department consisting of specialists, whose goal is to unify, implement and continually improve practices of project management inside the company. PMO does not interfere into daily activities of project management (that is the responsibility of the project manager), PMO represents the consulting centre or centre of best practices for all the company’s project managers. It obtains its consulting centre status by providing support, unified rules, processes and documentation for new and ongoing projects, which leads to better transparency and friction elimination in the company’s projects.

Our company provides complex services of project management office. We are able to provide these services externally from our company’s offices or directly „on site“. Based on the conditions of cooperation, we are able to provide:

  • Consultancy on strategic project planning
  • Support by creating the project team / human (project management) resources management throughout the whole company,
  • Selecting the ablest project manager from clients portfolio or from other capacities,
  • Support during the creation of projects processes, rules and documentation,
  • Creating and providing of regular reports about ongoing projects,
  • Setting up unified rules, functions and approaches for achieving projects goal,
  • Support during decision-making processes in risk situations or at any stage of the project

Choosing from various PMO models

Thanks to our wide portfolio of provided services, we are able to provide PMO services in different levels:

PMO as a supporting organ for a client

  • advisory body for clients project managers,
  • providing unified templates of project documentation,
  • brings the best practice from the market into the decision making processes,
  • an additional level of control upon project and project managers in the form of supervision and operational consultancy,
  • the option is relevant for companies with more departments, which functions independently form each other and are managing different kinds of projects. 

PMO as a controlling organ for a client

  • besides advisory body acts also as control body,
  • controls single project managers,
  • orders adherence to specified processes for controlled project managers,
  • relevant for companies, which are familiar with project management activities but require additional control to follow processes and rules.

PMO as a managing authority

  • takes full control over the project management,
  • directs the projects staffing and the project manager role directly,
  • ideal for companies, which are focusing on accuracy, big companies and corporations.