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PROCESS MANAGEMENT is an established company operating in the region of Central Europe since 2006. Our activities are based on the principles proven by the long-standing practice of reputable Western European consulting agencies with which we regularly cooperate and which are giving us an important impulse and inspiration for our further growth and development.

Our company is primarily oriented on the consulting services in the field of purchase- and logistic processes, including the public procurement, with the goal to improve and/or optimise those processes, so they will provide the effect required by the client. Our company is also offering services of crisis management of those mentioned processes, as well as education and coaching of clients employees. 

We also offer quality and dynamic project management on high professional level in accordance to actual trends in the management field. The main objective of each project, regardless of its scope and complexity, is to make the purchasing and logistics processes more efficient, which will be seen especially in:

  • cost reduction in purchase processes,
  • time reduction of those processes,
  • improvement in payments and other business terms and conditions,
  • transfer of selected activities from client to the supplier,
  • transparent relationships with suppliers,
  • more effective purchase-risk management,
  • high quality project management.

We also provide a wide range of services in the field of project management, focusing primarily on the preparation and implementation of very specific, complex and technologically demanding projects for the public and private sector. In this area, for example, we have implemented the following projects on the public sector side:

  • design, implementation, operation and optimisation of the electronic toll collection system (for National Highway Company),
  • implementation of European electronic toll service (EETS) in the Slovak republic and the project of Intelligent Transportation Systems,
  • design, implementation, operation and optimisation of the e-vignettes system (for National Highway Company),
  • design, construction and operation of the electronic system for monitoring persons (for Ministry of Justice),
  • design, construction and implementation of the electronic system for automatic fire detection for woods and forrest in Slovak republic,
  • providing and implementing a full range of telecommunication and telemetry services, for various state enterprises,
  • assessment and evaluation of public-private partnership (PPP) projects.

We are able in case of unfavourable events in company’s development offer help to our client in the form of crisis management. We offer our own expert or team of experts from requested industry, who:

  • Identifies problematic processes or departments,
  • Identifies possibilities and possible assets,
  • Sets up KPIs and reporting for selected levels of management,
  • Provides crisis management by himself.

About us

Our company was founded in 2006. From its original orientation in the Slovak region, we have gradually expanded our activities to the V4 area until today, when we are actively participating in projects across the whole European continent. We employ professionals from different areas and fields who cover individual projects according to their specific needs …


Process Management


Knowledge of laws, bureau statements and regulations in very detail


Focus on detail, high quality documentation, verification of outputs

Flexibility and seriousness

Flexible approach, identification of weak spots, respect of the client and the brand

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