Intelligent mobility



Improving public transport policies, innovation capacity in transport and supporting partnerships in implementation of smart mobility.

The purpose of this project is to increase the capability of the Slovak Republic to build communication networks, intelligent transport systems and to support the testing of interconnected and autonomous vehicles and road infrastructure. The project is pioneering and innovative in Slovakia. Its goal is to make life easier for road transport users, especially the economically active population, in their daily attendance at work and education, with regard not only to the positive effects, but also to environmental and overallsustainability. The key of this project is the aspect of using innovative technologies, which are including automation, digitization and optimization of existing processes in transport with the purpose to gradually improve the existing infrastructure and in this way ease the achievement of the desired transport destination for each user safer, faster and more efficiently.

Our activities in the project

Our company provided experts ias a chief project manager and a professional project guarantor, as well as a team of analysts and experts in the field of transport for this project. The team of experts is in charge of designing a strategic solution for the project, implementing a complex approach to intelligent mobility in practice in the Slovak Republic and the overall fulfillment of the main and secondary objectives of the project. Our task is in-depth analysis and preparation of the environment for the application of the project.