PROCESS MANAGEMENT is able to provide complex consultancy services in the public procurement area. Our main activities in this area are:

  • Analysis of relevant markets and recommendations that take to account clients specifics,
  • We offer usage of different procurement approach, such as it is stated in the rules of the Public Procurement Act – the non-competitive procedure and its implementation (where it is permitted by law),
  • Preparation of notices, tender documents, minutes, explanations and any other documents necessary for the execution of the public procurement in accordance with the requirements of the Public Procurement Act and the specific requirements of the client,
  • Preparation and publication of notices used in public procurement,
  • Relevant and prompt communication with the client in order to effectively manage the procurement process and meet the clients defined needs.

We also offer full outsourcing of public procurement processes to our clients. Our company is able to take over the full management of the client procurement process, including the following activities:

  • Comprehensive support in the planning and implementation of clients procurement,
  • Implementing individual public procurement in accordance with the defined needs of the client and in accordance with the legislation,
  • The protection of client interests in review procedures before the Public Procurement Office and other contradictory procedures concerning its public procurement,
  • Securing the archivation of the documentation in public procurement.

Our company offers other services in the consultancy domain:

  • Consultancy with regard to build or improve the internal organisation and structure of the clients procurement process – based on an analysis of the current state, we propose measures to maximise efficiency and alignment with legislation, including regulation or in other words creating the necessary internal legislation and creating or modifying standard procurement contracts,
  • Providing legal advice on issues of application of the Public Procurement Act in public procurement as required by the client in cooperation with reputable law firms,
  • Continuous monitoring of the current legislation, decisions and provision of their up-to-date interpretations at a high professional level,
  • Drawing up a recommendation to provide a request for correction and a written position on the objections,
  • Representation of the client in procedures related to public procurement / procurement,
  • Providing training in public procurement.

Since 2020, we are part of the Union of Public Procurement Professionals (Únia profesionálov verejného obstarávania). ÚPVO is a non-profit organization that brings together professionals involved in public procurement to support consultants and consulting companies. ÚPVO guarantees the qualification of each member due to demanding requirements. It is essential that each member of the Union has real, demonstrable experience with the public procurement process at a professional level, actively perform it and constantly improves its processes.