toll collection system

From 2009 until 2018 our company provided project management, implementation and optimisation of electronic toll collection system for Národná diaľničná spoločnosť (National Highway Company or „NDS“) in Slovak republic. Our presence on the project was included in the complex process management and coordination of broad activities of an international team of experts from the very beginning, through implementation, testing till the system launch and its further optimisation. From the beginning, we oriented ourselves on final positive effect for our clients, which was achieved by complex multi-phased quality system testing before its deployment, which was finalised by its acceptation. We were included also in the optimal setup of all processes, reporting and documentation defined by client’s requests. All these processes were handled effectively with high working efficiency, which pictures the client’s satisfaction and fact that our company was part of the system for the next seven years after its implementation. Despite the extensive testing and short timeframe available for implementation, an electronic toll system was launched in Slovakia on 1st of January 2010. Subsequently, we were able to respond promptly to all relevant suggestions, resulting in several modifications and the current system. Each modification and design of system optimisation required effective and flexible cooperation between many foreign and domestic professionals from different areas.

Our activities in the project

PROCESS MANAGEMENT was from the very beginning until nowadays part of the top executive level and leading processes in this project. We were working on operational controls, system optimisation and permanent improvements of the system. This need arose from actual requests on qualitative and quantitative scope of the system as a whole. Our system optimisation delivered 30 millions EUR as additional yearly income for our client.

Project and EU

In the name of NDS we also managed a huge and complex project – implementation of European electronic toll service (EETS) in the Slovak republic and the project of Intelligent Transportation Systems. Regarding to the Slovak toll system we have represented our client on many important conferences across the Europe.

About the quality of provided services is being publicly referred by the minister of transportation Ľubomír Važný:

“After seven days we can state, that the toll collection system was implemented very well…”

“Slovak toll collection system is very unique and complex, it was very difficult to put it to life, it is absolutely functional and all the issues are being fixed on occurrence”