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Code of Ethics of PROCESS MANAGEMENT, s.r.o. is an expression of our business philosophy. It is a philosophy of decency, openness, fair and transparent approach, professionalism and personal responsibility. The reputation of PROCESS MANAGEMENT, s.r.o. and the trust of all partners in the material relationship are among the most important values we possess. This adopted Code of Ethics is our idea of good corporate governance by the management and attitude of all employees.


  1. The Code of Ethics is a universal standard of conduct for employees of PROCESS MANAGEMENT, s.r.o., within the company among employees at all levels and in relation to business partners, representatives of state and public administration, interest groups. The Code of Ethics determines the morale of all employees and determines the standards for third parties that can be expected of the company.
  2. The Code of Ethics deals with responsibilities and their compliance with laws, principles and core values such as justice, honesty, fairness, trust, mutual respect, transparency of projects implemented and fairness to all partners.
  3. Code of Ethics is one of the fundamental documents of PROCESS MANAGEMENT, s.r.o. It applies to all employees as well as to all partners in the material relationship, including external consultants, suppliers and other business partners. It commits them to respect and uphold these principles in business and work behavior, thus creating a working environment of mutual trust and respect.


  1. The policy of PROCESS MANAGEMENT, s.r.o is to ensure confidential treatment of financial, operational and other information and to prevent misuse of information obtained by employees of the company during the employment. Illegal use of information obtained by employees is considered to be a serious violation of discipline and may result in termination of employment.
  2. Providing information in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act and internal procedures and instructions is not considered to be a violation of the Code of Ethics.


  1. Honest and fair approach towards customers, satisfying their needs and interests are a prerequisite for successful and lasting development of mutual relations.
  2. Behavior towards customers is dicreet, polite, without any preference, prejudice and discrimination. PROCESS MANAGEMENT, s.r.o contracts to use only legitimate business practices, tactics and information received from the customer as confidential. Confidentiality promises do not apply to any attempt by a customer to obtain an advantage in a manner incompatible with fair business relationships.
  3. Employees ensure that the provided services are of good quality and comply with applicable legal standards.
  4. The Company provides timely, complete, undistorted, true and understandable information about its services. Does not share untrue information, conceal, mislead, exaggerate in advertising or other public appearances.
  5. Relations with suppliers and creditors are based on mutual trust and respect. All information about the Company’s relations with its business partners is considered as confidential.
  6. The Company contracts to comply with the agreed terms and conditions. In the case of extraordinary circumstances where it is not possible to meet the agreed requirements, the company representative enters into negotiations with the business partner in order to find an alternative solution.
  7. Company employees and their family members may not accept or provide any financial or non-financial gifts, hospitality or other benefits that could affect their decision-making to business partners.


  1. We treat our competitors vigorously, but fairly and correctly, in accordance with good morals of competition and in the interests of the reputation of the industry, and we respect the laws that regulate competition.
  2. Employees are not authorized to obtain information about competitors’ business in dishonest and illegal ways.


  1. As an employer, we realize that employees represent the highest value for the company. This awareness is reflected in the employer’s behavior and actions towards its employees.
  2. Relationships with and between employees and between superiors and subordinates are based on respect for the dignity of each person and respect for fundamental human rights. Each employee is responsible for their actions.
  3. Every employee is expected to create an atmosphere of mutual respect, trust, loyalty and belonging, without which we cannot cooperate and achieve good economic results in the long term.
  4. No physical, psychological or sexual harassment is tolerated. Any form of abuse, humiliation, stalking, bullying and de-denunciation of a human personality, bossing, mobbing, coercion, blackmailing or discrimination is prohibited in the Company.
  5. We pay attention to the professional and personal development of our employees in accordance with the current and future needs of the company. We are committed to create the conditions to develop the knowledge, skills and abilities of our employees without any discrimination.
  6. The Company shall pursue a fair remuneration policy. The remuneration method reflects individual results and the importance of the job in relation to the achieved results.
  7. We create hygienically harmless, suitable working environment for our employees and they are obliged to respect all safety regulations and take care not to endanger themselves, co-workers, other persons and cause material damage.


  1. Every employee of PROCESS MANAGEMENT, s..r..o. acts not only as a private person, but also as a representative of the company, therefore should pay attention to the good name of the employer and protect his interests in public.
  2. Every employee of PROCESS MANAGEMENT, s..r..o. is obliged to protect the intellectual and tangible property of the company and to use the work equipment in accordance with accepted principles and rules.
  3. PROCESS MANAGEMENT, s..r..o. contracts to respect copyright and requires the same attitude from its business partners. Only legally purchased software may be used while performing work.
  4. Employees are not authorized to appropriate or borrow company assets without the employer’s prior consent. Illegal appropriation of company’s property or its use for personal or foreign purposes without explicit permission is considered as serious as direct theft. The consequences for such conduct will be drawn against the employee according to the seriousness of the offense, with the possible termination of employment.
  5. An employee of the company cannot engage in any fraudulent or unfair activities affecting the employer and partners of the material relationship or other persons with whom the company cooperates. As fraudulent and unfair activities are considered especially:
  • theft, fraud or peculation,
  • false, unauthorized, or excessive billing,
  • unauthorized offering or receiving of financial or non-financial donations,
  • eequest for reimbursement of unauthorized expenditure documents.


  1. Every employee carries out their private interests in their free time and away from the company in order to avoid a real or potential conflict of interest. These activities must comply with legal standards. In doing so, he/she is not authorized to misuse the employer’s resources, position or contacts, nor to compromise the reputation of the employer.
  2. An employee shall not misuse benefits or profit from information which he/she has obtained in the course of the duties and which is not generally available.


Every employee or third party representative, which is asked for bribe or witnessed a situation of providing/acceptance of bribe in regardind to PROCESS MANGEMENT as a company, is obliged to report this doing through email ( or anonymously in form of written notifiaction thrown in the suggestion folder, which is located on non-monitored location at the company headquarters and is available for other partners and customers as well.

Contact person responsible for the supervision of compliance with rules
tel.: 02/546 539 04


  1. All the PROCESS MANAGEMENT employees are aware, that every misconduct of ethical norms stated in this code will be considered as violation of working discipline within the meaning of the Labor Code.
  2. Code of Ethics enters into force on 1st of July 2019.