Integrated management system

of process management

of integrated management system

The satisfaction of our customers and stakeholders is essential to us. Therefore, we strive for a specific approach to each of them, not only in looking for solutions to problems, but also in joint communication and professional approach.
The main goal of each project, regardless of its size and complexity, is to streamline and optimize logistic processes, which will especially show up in:

  • shortening of the duration of individual processes,
  • improvement of payment and other terms,
  • transfering selected activities from the client to the supplier,
  • transparent and correct relationships with partners of material relationship,
  • quality project management.
    We put emphasis on:
  • proper functioning and continuous improvement of an integrated management system built to standards ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015, ISO 37001:2016 and OHSAS 18001:2007,
  • maintaining and raising the company’s employees’ awareness of quality,
  • environmental care,
  • safety and protection of health at work,
  • anticorruption behavior of our employees and partners in material relation in the realization of projects at all sections and levels.

We support sincere and open communication in problem-solving as well as complaints about violations of rules and accepted ethical conduct principles. We strive to involve all personnel in the development, planning and management of work.
We strive to create a team environment aimed at increasing and maintaining a high level of work quality.

We put emphasis on abidance of applicable legal and other requirements in all activities related to the provided products and services.

We condemn and prevent manifestations of corruption at all levels. We do not accept or provide any unauthorized benefits, gifts, hospitality that could dishonestly influence decision-making or undermine independence, whether directly or through the third parties.

We strive to align business goals with environmental requirements and safety and health protection requirements, thus contributing to sustainable development in the field of prevention of environmental pollution and work safety.