what we do

Process Management

Our company focus is turned towards two main areas. First is the field of purchasing goods and public procurement and support, management and optimisation of these processes. Our consultants are educated and fully competent in the field of public procurement. Experienced from many previous projects the are able to offer you:

In the field od purchase, public procurement and support of these activities:

  • Analysis of the public procurement and procurement processes under and outside the Act of public procurement
  • Conformity assessment of realised processes with legislation in force
  • Preparation of documentation for individual tenders under and outside the Act of public procurement
  • Complex preparation and realisation of individual tenders
  • Courses and trainings in the area of public procurement and purchasing

Support during management and optimisation of purchasing process

  • Analysis of the current process and evaluation of the status quo
  • Identification of possibilities and estimation of expected benefits
  • Design/Draft of new purchasing processes
  • Setting up the KPIs and reporting for different management levels
  • Trainings and coordination of clients employees
  • Implementation of agreed processes
  • Management support

Our second main area is project management. Our teams of professionals from different areas of expertise are able to design, implement, manage, review and optimise wide range of specific, complex and technologically difficult projects. Our teams are able to directly enter the project in any of its phase and take its lead.

Some members of the above mentioned project team were chosen by the World Bank to present their expert opinion in regard to Bulgary’s possibility and readiness for implementation of electronic toll collection and e-vignette system, which speak of their professional knowledge and credibility on international forum.

Our company offers a complex project management solution as a whole or its specific processes (for example in the form of analyses or case studies, consultancy or sending of specific experts or the project team as a whole to the client). The range of services we offer to our clients is as follows:

  • The complex project planning,
  • Exact definition of parameters, risks, strategies and project goals,
  • Setting up financial costs and sources,
  • Creation of project development time plan,
  • Creation of detailed project documentation and recurring reporting,
  • Setting up and monitoring the key performance indicators,
  • Project coordination and realisation,
  • Creation of project alternatives and project corrections,
  • Securing smooth project operational phase,
  • Project evaluation and completion.

We are able in case of unfavourable events in company’s development offer help to our client in the form of crisis management. We offer our own expert or team of experts from requested industry, who:

  • Identifies problematic processes or departments,
  • Identifies possibilities and possible assets,
  • Sets up KPIs and reporting for selected levels of management,
  • Provides crisis management by himself.

and outsourcing of selected processes and activities.

Selected projects implemented by us: