Lottery game system


game system

Our company provided project management during design phase, build-up phase, testing and implementation of the new lottery game system and still providing optimisation services and project management during operational phase for TIPOS, national lottery company in Slovak republic from 2018 till today. This project is unique due to its complexity and advanced technology and included a complete renewal of hardware and software through the vertical axis of provided services, meaning from back-office to the terminals and displays for the end users, including their software and mutual connectivity.

Our activities in the project

Our presence on the project was included in the complex process management and coordination of broad activities of an international team of experts from the very beginning, through design, build-up, testing, implementation, till the system launch and its further optimisation. PROCESS MANAGEMENT was from the very beginning until nowadays part of the top executive level and leading processes in this project. We were focused on the resulting net positive effect and added value for our client, which resulted in multi-phased testing of the system before its deployment, which ended in its full acceptation. Our further involvement in the project also consists of optimal setting of all processes, reporting and documentation depending on the client’s requirements. All processes are carried out efficiently and with high work effort. The client’s satisfaction and trust to our company was proven in the form of the possibility to operate on the project until today. Despite extensive testing and a short time horizon available for implementation, a nationwide lottery system was launched in Slovakia on 2 March 2020.